If you are getting rashes and red spots more often after using different beauty products, you probably have sensitive skin. This is because of the adverse reaction of your skin to artificial colors and chemicals that are used in cosmetics and other skincare products.
You have to watch what you’re buying. Look closely into the ingredients used in a product before using it to avoid skin irritation. You can perform a small patch test or what they also call a skin test so you can see if your skin will react to it.

To keep your sensitive skin healthy, you should opt for natural products, preferably organic ones. There are products that are especially made for sensitive skin which is a relief. To start off, you need to have a facial cleanser, hydrating moisturizers, sunscreen, and a quality eye cream.

It’s not only your face that you should take care of, as your entire body also needs extra attention. Moisturizing lotions and shower gels are some of the products you can include in your shopping list to ensure that the skin stays supple and soft.