Caring for your dry skin may be tough, but it’s not impossible. You just need to learn more about the different steps to take so you can make it easier. You will need to tackle concerns such as itchiness, flakiness, and even sensitivity. Worry not, because here we will give you tips on how to achieve dewy and moisturized skin.

Let’s start with a moisturizing cleanser. Make sure it has minimum chemicals and that it’s a natural product. After cleansing, toning your skin is next. You may want to consider rose water for the toner since it’s gentle and natural enough.

The most important part is keeping your skin moisturized. There are tinted moisturizers that you can choose so it’s not heavy on the face, especially if you use makeup on a daily basis. Aside from beauty products, you also need to take care of your body to keep it hydrated. Drink lots of water and fluids. Eating foods that are rich in vitamins will also greatly help.